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The Medi-Cal for Students Workgroup (Workgroup) was established by Senate Bill (SB) 75, Chapter 51, Statutes of 2019, for the purpose of reviewing and evaluating the access and coordination of Medi-Cal for students in California. The Workgroup works in alignment with the requirements of SB 75, California Education Code section 56477, to improve health care equity, and health and educational outcomes for California’s public school students.

SB 75 required the California State Departments of Education and Health Care Services to form the Workgroup, which is tasked with identifying program requirements and support services needed to improve coordination and expansion of access to available federal funds through the Local Education Agency Billing Option Program (LEA BOP), the School-based Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (SMAA) Program, and the medically necessary federal Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT) benefits. This workgroup will provide the chairs of the relevant policy committees and budget subcommittees of the Legislature and the Department of Finance with recommendations for modifying regulations or statutes, seeking Medicaid State Plan amendments or alterations to federal waivers, or other means to increase the ability of California’s public schools to draw down federal funds for medically related and administrative services for students.

The Workgroup engages in discussions and activities to develop recommendations by examining how legislation can best help improve the coordination and expansion of access to available federal funds through the specified funding options.

Workgroup Reports

Senate Bill 75 Medi-Cal for Students
Progress Report

Submitted to Legislature October 1, 2020Click on the image above to download this report.

Senate Bill 75 Medi-Cal for Students

Due to Legislature October 1, 2021